Vehicle history reports online

Many vehicle listings on eBay Motors include a vehicle history report from AutoCheck in the Vehicle History Report tab. This gives buyers instant access to important details about used cars. They can see if the vehicle has ever been:
Stolen, salvaged, or rebuilt
Turned in under a lemon law
In a flood or hail storm
In an accident or fire (if reported)
A victim of potential odometer rollback
Used as a rental or fleet vehicle
Used as a police vehicle or taxi
Abandoned or forfeited
Reported as having a lien
The report shows the vehicle’s title details, including all ownership transfers and DMV transactions. It also includes an AutoCheck® Score, which shows how a vehicle measures up against others of the same make and model.

Reports don’t include personal information about the vehicle’s previous owners, such as names and addresses, because releasing such information for non-permitted uses is a violation of federal law.

Report benefits

When shopping for a vehicle, buyers want to know a vehicle’s condition and past usage. Knowing there aren’t any hidden problems or undisclosed issues gives them more confidence in making a purchase.

Report cost

If you create fewer than 7 vehicle listings per year, the AutoCheck vehicle history report will be included in your listing for free. For high-volume sellers who create 7 or more vehicle listings per year, AutoCheck offers several subscription levels. The table below includes more details.


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