Vehicle Information Report – car history check online

To answer all these questions get a MotorWeb Vehicle Information Report (VIR). The Vinaudit VIR is a comprehensive 70+ point car history check. It will get you one step closer to the peace of mind you require when making a big purchase.

Why check car history?
The Vinaudit VIR is a detailed history check of US or Mexico vehicles (including cars, trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles, caravans). Unfortunately many vehicles sold today have hidden problems that can cost the new owner thousands of dollars. One in three cars that Vinaudit checks has a problem!

A Vinaudit will quickly and accurately identify the vehicle and alert you to problems and information such as:
Is any money owing that could result in the car being repossessed?
Are there unpaid fees that a new owner would have to pay?
If car’s odometer appears to have been wound-back?
If the seller is the registered owner
Is the car reported stolen?
Is the vehicle a flood damaged import?
Fuel economy, safety and emissions for most late model light cars
If any problems are found they are clearly highlighted, with a full explanation of what you need to do about them. So, before any money changes hands get the information you need to make a wise and safe purchase and ensure your peace of mind.

The most comprehensive car history check – with tens of thousands of car history reports generated every month by; registered motor vehicle traders, finance and insurance companies, and members of the public.

How do I get a MotorWeb Vehicle Information Report?
To buy a Vinaudit online just click here.


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